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pSAN Advisors is established under the laws of India and is owned and managed by seasoned Indian professionals. Established in February 2012, the pSAN Advisors has rapidly built a significant competitive presence in the country. Today we operate from offices across 3 cities including Gurugram, Jaipur and Mumbai.

Our team is a seamless amalgamation of two key components – Expertise and Experience. This is the main factor that sets us apart from our competition and allows us to deliver a specialist business consultancy service in the fields of strategy & planning, finance & restructuring, assurance & evaluation, taxes & efficiency and global outsourcing.

We go deep to unlock insights and have the courage to act. Rather than applying one solution fits all strategy, we first listen to the problem and then analyze it before offering a solution.

Our approach is a reflection of our team's expertise and tech-enabled tools leading to effective and efficient solutions.

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Advantages of pSAN Advisors

Big consulting firms may struggle to gather outside innovative ideas or have trouble sharing knowledge due to departmental silos within their firms. pSAN doesn’t suffer from these obstacles. We infuse accountability, authenticity, self-awareness and a culture of collaboration into each uniquely tailored engagement to foster fresh, game-changing initiatives for our clients.


Feedback centric Approach

pSAN^ has been founded by seasoned professionals who have previously worked with the best consulting firms in the world.

The basic idea behind incorporating the pSAN^ was to offer tailor-made solutions to clients' complex issues, using industry-wide best practices. And to continuously improve our offerings, acting upon 'Client Feedbacks' has always been a part of our DNA.


A decade of sheer Excellence

In the last one decade, we have had an opportunity to work on multiple complex engagements across a wide range of industries. This has enabled us to build repertoire of our professional acumen and meaningful experience.

We have also been the front-runner in catching the startup wave advisory work and over time have built a specialized team to meet the specific demands of this segment.


Meet our Advisors

Our business experts come from businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Leader, Brand & Communication, CSO

Vishnu Khandelwal

Leader International Advisory

Abhishek Jhajharia

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